How to be a Member?

To be a member of FFPAM, you need to be an actual, operating company based anywhere in the world with a proof of operation. In Malaysia, that would mean you are registered with the company commission of Malaysia (CCM). You must also be involved in the manufacturing, production, supplying or wholesaling of USB Flash Drives or parts and accessories or related to this industry. Also, you must have a running business website for us to be able to help you generate more sales enquiries. Listed below are some of the industry players that could be part of our organization:

  • NAND Memory Chip Manufacturers
  • Pen Drive Suppliers & Wholesalers
  • Thumb Drive Manufacturers, including those with their own brand
  • Pembekal & Pemborong Pendrive
  • USB Drive Housing/Cover Manufacturers
  • USB Drive Assembly Plants
  • Pen Drive Printers & Engravers
  • Computer/IT Accessories Distributors
  • IT Gifts Shop
  • Corporate & Premium Gift Companies Selling Pendrives

Membership Fees

Membership is separated into two categories – Life Member and Annual Member.

  • Life Member – Enjoy permanent benefits of our network, without need of recurring annual membership fees. Suitable for companies with long-term plan and commitment to the industry. Only nominal charge for any programs organized by the FFPAM. Lifetime membership is only limited on a first come first serve basis. Lifetime Membership Fees: USD1,500.00
  • Annual Member – Enjoy benefits of our network without the lump sum costs for lifetime membership. Suitable for companies that want to try out our marketing plans,networking and training an a yearly basis. Annual Membership Fees: USD250 per annum.

Approval of Membership

All membership is subject to the approval of our committee. Please provide information as follows:

  • Name of Company: ______________________
  • Year Established: _______________________
  • Website URL: __________________________
  • Nature of Business: ______________________
  • Brief Description: ________________________

Please email information to or fax to us at +603-62612764. Upon approval, you will be provided with the billing details.