Customized Pen Drive

The components inside a thumb drive are generally quite standard with its chip and interface. Hence, when people are referring to customized thumb drive, it is usually the customization of the flash drive‚Äôs casing. It is the housing that protects the circuitry of the flash drive. This may include cases with materials such as plastic, […]

What is a Pen Drive?

A Thumb Drive or also commonly known as USB Drive, Flash Drive or Pen Drive is a USB plug and play data storage computer device used to store information such as document files, images and videos. It is an affordable gadget that is very mobile due to its small size (most weighs less than 30gms […]

Welcome to FFPAM

Welcome to FFPAM, the Federal Flash and Pen Drive Association of Manufacturers. We are a business association of suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers of USB flash drive in Malaysia and throughout the world. Established recently, membership is now open to all parties related to this industry. For membership details, click here. You can contact us for […]